Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

First WR in Istanbul for Ryan Lochte (USA) in the men’s 200m IM

RENANG INDONESIA, He had been close to it two years ago in Dubai, but Ryan Lochte (USA) finally became the first athlete to complete the men’s 200m IM under 1:50 minutes, after establishing a new World Record in the event on the third day of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Istanbul. Totally dominating the race, the US star completed the eight laps in 1:49.63, setting the first world best mark of these championships. In 2010, in UAE, Lochte had clocked 1:50.08 (a new WR), a time that was never approached: after that result, the second best performer of all times is Darian Townsend (RSA), in 1:51.55. Lochte is therefore not only the first swimmer under 1:50, but also the only one under 1:51. Compared to this amazing performance in Istanbul, the silver from Daiya Seto (JPN, 1:52.80) and the bronze from Laszlo Cseh (HUN, 1:52.89) looked evidently “modest”.

World Record: Ryan Lochte (USA), 1:49.63 – December 14, 2012 in Istanbul (TUR)
Championships Record: Ryan Lochte (USA), 1:49.63 – December 14, 2012 in Istanbul (TUR)
Best performance of the current season (since August 2012): Ryan Lochte (USA, 1:49.63 – December 14 in Istanbul, TUR) 
Last five (2002-2010) winners in this event: 2002 - Jani Sievinen (FIN, 1:55.45); 2004 - Thiago Pereira (BRA, 1:55.78); 2006 - Ryan Lochte (USA, 1:53.31); 2008 - Ryan Lochte (USA, 1:51.56); 2010 - Ryan Lochte (USA, 1:50.08)
The best in this event (1. most victories or 2. fastest time): Ryan Lochte (USA, 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2012)

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