Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Michael Phelps Wins GQ Russia's International Man of the Year

RENANG INDONESIA-PHOENIX, Arizona, October 8. MICHAEL Phelps has been on too many magazine covers to count. There are the usual sporting magazine suspects: ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and our own Swimming World Magazine an even ten times. Then we have the style and health magazines: Men's Journal, Men's Health, Details, and ... GQ Russia?

Phelps coolly posed abs-exposed on the cover of the October issue of Russia's Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ). Named "International Man of the Year" a rough translation of the article compared his Olympic accomplishments to 9-time Olympic Champion and Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina, and called him the "chief Olympian of all time." It's hard to argue that. 
For the tenth year, GQ Russia devotes its October issue to honoring the top in their fields -- from Politician to Musician of the Year.

Last week, Phelps posted the cover shot on his Facebook, with the caption:
"GQ Russia, International Man of the Year, so cool! What an honor!"

Maybe the next time we see Phelps on a magazine cover, he'll have swapped the swimsuit for a golf club... 

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