Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013


RENANG. With a record participation of over 800 athletes from more than 90 National Federations, the fourth edition of the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships is taking place from August 26-31, 2013 in Dubai (UAE), in the iconic Hamdan Sports Complex. This venue hosted in December 2010 the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m).
During the first two days of the junior competition, several Championships records have been set, namely by one of the brightest stars present in the United Arab Emirates, breaststroker Ruta Meilutyte. The Lithuanian teenager is also a solid value in the senior circuit, establishing two of the six World Records set at the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona (ESP) one month ago.
The FINA World Junior Swimming Championships were launched in 2006, with the first edition in Rio de Janeiro (BRA). Monterrey, in Mexico, staged the second edition in 2008, while the Peruvian capital Lima was the host of the 2011 rendezvous.

Swimmers aged 15-18 (for men) and 14-17 (for women) are competing in 42 events in Dubai, including the 4x100m free and medley mixed relays.

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