Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Michael Phelps reveals a mosaic with his image in the BCN2013 Village

RENANG INDONESIA, The best swimmer in history, Michael Phelps, visited the Planet Water Village this morning where hundreds of fans gathered waiting for him around the Speedo stand and in front of the stage where he revealed a very special photo: a mosaic featuring his image made of hundreds of small pictures. "Sometimes I have the impression I’ve lived two lives in one," he confessed to María Peláez, master of ceremonies.

In an interview from ex-swimmer to ex-swimmer, Peláez also asked him about his memories of Barcelona 2003. "My life has really changed from how it was before 2003, it seems like another life. Even half an hour can change everything at once ", he said, referring to the Barcelona 2003 100 meters fly final, for which he qualified after beating the world record (51:47), but was then beaten by Ian Crocker (USA) who was even faster (50.98).

In addition, Phelps, the most successful swimmer in the world with 22 medals, including 18 golds, highlighted the role played by his mother and sisters in his life as an athlete. "They have helped me fulfill my dream, to be the first man in something. I did not want to be a second Mark Spitz, I wanted to be the first Michael Phelps," he added.

Barcelona 2013 wanted to pay homage to this first Michael Phelps by displaying this mosaic featuring himself in the water, and presenting him with a small replica.

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