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Fina World Championships 2013: Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky
RENANG, Katie Ledecky (USA) deserves to be today’s star at the 15th FINA World Championships. This 16-year old swimmer broke the world record in the 1500m free event (15:36.53) and got her second gold medal in these Championships. Two days ago she won the 400m free event. Ledecky beat Kate Ziegler’s record (USA) stopping the timer six seconds before, leaving everyone amazed with the time she did in her last 100m (1:00.47).
In the Olympic Games in London, Ledecky surprised the whole world by winning the gold medal in 800 m. That year she was the youngest American participant in the Olympics and the second youngest in history to win gold after Beth Botsford who was only 15 years old in Atlanta 96.
Ledecky is very catholic and her life is centered on its principles. According to her, her faith keeps her in contact with God and with the most important things in life. Before competitions, she always says the Hail Mary Prayer and she likes going to mass every week.  Her and her family are parishioners of the church of the Little Flower in Bethesda, northwest ofthe capital, where she lives and she feels a special devotion for Saint Patrick.
The Washington D.C. athlete started swimming when she was 6 years old. Katie was influenced by her older brother Michael, who was also a swimmer competing for Harvard University. She participated in a summer camp to make friends and get rid of her shyness. Her mother, Mary Gen, was swimming for the University of New Mexico.
Katie’s main hobbies are playing piano and reading. She also followed the ice hockey team Washington Capitals. With her 17 years, Katie Ledecky has a great future ahead of her. In Barcelona, she still has a chance to win a third gold medal in 800m free where she is the reigning Olympic champion.

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